Fir Needle Oil Siberian

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    Arkhipov Alexander (Wednesday, 09 March 2016 02:50)

    Dear Frends!

    Our Company is located and operating in the territory of the Russian Federation (Altai, Siberia).

    We manufacture and export raw materials and finished products of plant and animal origin in ecologically clean areas of Siberia:
    we offer Siberian taiga honey from the mountains and steppes of the Altai.
    Fir oil from Siberian fir, premium grade (bornylacetate from 30%).
    Cedar nuts and cedar oil (food and essential).
    Grass and roots.

    For export we ship in special barrels with UN standards (180 kg Netto), processing all Export document and we do delivery to any port in Russia (the port in your country is calculated separately), provide all certificates of authenticity and quality according to international standards.

    The cost of Siberian Fir oil:
    - top grade (the content of bornylacetate from 30-33%) for medicine: 1 kg = $45

    If you have real interest please inform us about it.

    Thank you in advance.

    Our website:


    Arkhipov Alexander P.
    –†ride Profit Co.Ltd.

    4E Selskohozyaystvennay str., Barnaul,
    Altai Region, Russian Federation